Fresh Life, Fresh Look

“I refuse to settle for anything less than extraordinary in this life”

How lame is it to have a life motto at 22? Like I actually care. There it is, there’s my life motto! I will never settle in this life. 

In this last year I have lived in England, graduated college (more or less), and I took an unpaid internship with a church up in Montana for the summer. Nothing about this year has been uneventful for me. God has turned my world upside down and all after a decision to no longer settle for what is easy and familiar.

Living in London this spring was by far my favorite life experience yet. Living in an entirely different culture and traveling throughout different cultures forces something out of you. It forces you to truly look at yourself; the person you are right then and the person you want to be. Not to mention the (awesome) effects of traveling alone and spending some really intentional time that is 100% alone. Because of those experiences, I’ve never felt more like myself, or the person I was meant to be, than I do right now.

Being alone in a place that is so unlike what you are familiar to brought about some of the most exhilarating times of my life. I traveled throughout Germany and Austria alone without a working phone and had to navigate my way through public transportation solely on guessing the correct Germans words on the U-bahn and S-bahn trains. No one helped me. Successfully traveling alone created a confidence in me I wasn’t aware I could experience.

Continual adventure brings thrill and adrenaline. More than that, it births in your very being an intense desire to strive for that which is extraordinary in life.


Above all I have learned this year, I have taken to heart the simple yet terrifying fact that we live only one life. I know that’s a simple truth of life but hear me out: had I decided not to apply to study abroad, I would’ve stayed in good ol’ Weatherford, Texas for another semester absolutely miserable. I would’ve spent time alone that was unproductive because I would have allowed myself to miss the chance to live out a dream of mine. I would’ve felt pressured to be a teacher by now and starting “adulting” like the world expects me to. Instead, I leapt.

Now, I have traveled half of Western Europe while making amazing memories with new friends that I will forever treasure. Now, I’m in freaking Montana as an intern for Fresh Life Church where I get to experience and be a part of the awesome things God is doing through this church, staff, city, etc.

I follow and believe in a God who doesn’t call me to comfort, complacency, or an ordinary life. This year, He pushed me to embrace that. And I gotta tell you, I’m never going back.

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“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all of your heart”

Jeremiah 29:13

Keep on keeping on people. Don’t ever let anyone or anything slow you down. You have one life, live it to the full.



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