This is Real Love

So, every time I hear the song “Real Love” by Hillsong Young & Free, I am overwhelmed with 2 thoughts.

For one, it makes me feel like I should be in H&M shopping til I drop and getting down to the music while doing so.

Secondly, I am always stopped by the lyrics. I love what the lyrics are telling us.

“You’re pulling me closer and closer, holding my heart til the very end. Jesus I’m found in your freedom! This is real love, this is real love.”

The first half of the song could totally be a mainstream “love”song. Which is what I love about this song. Nothing about it screams Jesus freak until you hear the chorus. (I love worship songs that can be more universal, go Hillsong!)

This song centers around lots of themes but here are a couple to focus on; absolutes and your heart.

Who here likes an absolute? Raise your hand! I joke. But serisouly, I hate absolutes. And I hate when people give me absolutes. Humans are so susceptible to failure that it’s unfair to make absolutes in any form; here it’s a promise.

A promise is such a tricky thing and a word so often thrown around. The definition I found to be most true was that a promise is an express assurance on which expectation is to be based. I like this definition because it uses the word expectation, another difficult word.

Promises are made on the expectation that they will be fulfilled. That you will hold onto the promise given you and that the promise will be kept. But in the way of absolute promises, people fail. We aren’t perfect. It’s unfortunate but true. Not every promise can be kept in its entirety.

And although a promise has a beautiful, romantic addition to it, so much so that we make promises often without realizing what they really mean, absolute promises are hard to keep. 

For people at least. Which sucks! But it’s reality. And the more we allow promises to blow up expectations, bitterness and anger is sure to follow the loved one who couldn’t follow through just how you expected.

So, if we’re so prone to love promises, why are we so incapable of keeping them?

In truth, we all love an absolute. It’s reassuring. Makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. And they make you feel loved. And when a promise breaks and expectations are hurt, you break a little with it. We want to blame that person for making a promise they obviously couldn’t keep. But if it was so obvious that they couldn’t keep, why are your expectations so shot?

Is it because we look for promises from the wrong people or person?

Real love that casts out all fear and drives out expectation can’t fail a promise.

Real love that desires your all but won’t require it to keep the promise of love to you.

Love that is entirely available always, every time and will never let you down. NEVER. <— That’s one of those absolutes that can hurt. “I’ll never stop loving you” “I’ll never leave you”, or whatever it is. But instead of letting those absolutes and words hold weight with people, why not trust the absolute that is the love of Jesus?

Now I’m getting all sappy and cheesy about Jesus but hear me out!

His is the love that will never let go. The love that is beyond control. The love that makes your heart come alive. How enticing do each of those promises sound? I can promise you I’m getting excited just writing those words because I know there is absolute truth behind them. Jesus Christ lived and died so that we might have a relationship with Him. He fulfilled the biggest promise of all and is just waiting for any and every chance to show His love for you to you.

So many of us dreams our lives away waiting for a person to be everything we’ve ever wanted. To love you exactly like you need. To be there in every moment you need it. That person you’re searching for doesn’t exist. Because that person is so much bigger than just a person. It’s Jesus Christ. He is the Father of promises that follows through. Your heart will never be let down by Him. He will never leave your side. He will always be itching to pull you closer to Him.

He is real love. 

This is the song that inspired this post!



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