Reasons Why I Love the Bus

Now that I have bussed through several countries in Europe, I thought it would be appropriate to tell you all why this is probably my favorite way to travel through Europe!

  1. Time– The time can be a little tricky. Not everyone has the patience to sit on a bus for 8+ hours. I’ve driven with my family from Texas to California and back more times then I care to count; sometimes the drive was 20+ hours. So I’ve found ways to keep my semi-hyper self from dying of boredom on a long drive; SLEEP. For those longer buses it can be easy to find a night bus! Not only can you sleep the whole way and just wake up in another country, the bus is your means of transportation and your accommodation for the night. You’re saving money and getting through it like a pro.
  2. Expense– The saving money bit gets me to my next point. My second favorite part about bussing in Europe, it’s so cheap it makes my heart hurt. Actually though, I found a bus ticket from Rome to Naples for $1.62. NOT EVEN TWO DOLLARS! Of course that won’t always be the case. The further your bus goes the more likely your ticket is to be expensive. Even still, I bussed from London to Brussels for $30. I made it from Berlin(north Germany) to Munich(Southern Germany) for about $5. Then it was just another $5 to bus from Munich to Salzburg, Austria. And like I said in the last point, if you can manage a night bus then your transportation is also your accommodation; killing two birds with one stone!
  3. Convenience– I know what you’re thinking, how can a bus be convenient? They take forever and make more stops than trains, etc. While both of those points are true, the convenience of the bus are the points from which they pick you up and drop you off. Flying is great, quick and can be cheap. But the fact that most airports are further outside the city limits than your wallet prepared for can be a major downfall. Busses often make stops at major train stations which are almost always near the center of the city; right where you want to be. So, not only did you take cheaper transport to your destination, you probably only have to walk a bit or take a short taxi to get to your accommodation.
  4. THAT VIEW THOUGH– My favorite part about bussing through Europe is what you get to see. Although I’ve taken mostly night buses, sometimes I’m still on the bus in the morning for a couple of hours and I get to stare out the window and just awe at the beauty that is Europe. Bussing from city to city in Italy only took 3 hours each time so it was the perfect amount of time to grab a short nap and just stare out your window at the country you were exploring. Although adventuring through Europe’s biggest cities has been absolutely amazing, it’s the journey getting to them I love to most. You see so much more of a country from the window of a car than you do from the window of a plane.


If you’re planning your next trip in Europe and want to compare bus prices and time to plane or trains, check out! I’ve used goeuro to plan every one of my trips so far. It’s a great website for comparing cost of travel and length between planes, trains, buses, and cars.


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