Italia: Firenze

I wish I could tell you all that Florence was so much better than Venice as far as stressful situations go.


It wasn’t. We had another misunderstanding with our Airbnb host. We were, once again, stranded in a foreign city at 2 in the morning with no idea of what to do. We were all calling our parents in a panic. We hadn’t slept the last night and were practically dying of exhaustion. LUCKILY, we found a hostel that would take us in for the night. I have never been more thankful for a shower and a warm bed to sleep in.

Florence is a beautiful city. It has a very typical look and feel that I think most people assume Italian cities to look like. Tall buildings with small balconies and shudders; small alley ways with winding cobblestone roads. The people are great, the food is FANTASTIC. Honestly had some of the best pizza, pasta, and gelato I have ever had in my life.

We had pizza from Gusta, a recommendation of a friend of mine who studied abroad in Florence for a semester. The place was tiny but packed with people. We all got the margherita pizza since it was only 5 euros. And it was AMAZING woah. We sat on the steps of some pretty building and enjoyed the sun while eating our delicious pizza. I also had gelato twice cause why not? Raspberry and stracciatella is always a good way to go. Later that night we had Eduardo’s next to the Duomo; cinnamon and apple. That was the best gelato I have ever had. It was smooth and rich. I miss it already. For dinner, we went to a little restaurant that offered us free house wine (how could you ever say no to free Italian wine). I had bruschetta and a four cheese ravioli dish with a creamy truffle sauce. TO DIE FOR.

The worst part was that we just didn’t have enough time in Florence. We got going around 10 and had to catch a bus at 3 am. And because Florence is such a large city, we really only saw 3 major sites while we there.

But it was all worth it to see Michelangelo’s David. He is magnificent. At about 16 feet high and utter perfection, David is an incredible piece of art work. The detailing of the sculpture is all the way down to the minutia; you can even see his pupils and how they aid in the overall countenance of the statue. It was break-taking. Kind of like the Eiffel Tower, there are some things in life that just stop in you in your tracks and have you staring in awe and wonder. The David was one of those moments for me.

Overall, Florence was wonderful. In only wish I had more time there! Can’t wait to go back again, some day.


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