Limits of 1

An ode to school:


School oh school,

How you make me drool.


School oh school,

Why must you rule

The smallness of

my little world,

you dictate every toss

and twirl.


You are the reason

For this short season.


It will surely end

And when that is then,

The end of my schooling pen

Oh, school how I will




(These pictures were taken in the cute, old town of York. My friend Krystal Tran decided to photograph me dancing to a street performer playing an accordion. How could you not dance and leap when a live accordion is playing?)


If I’m always writing some blog post about food and traveling and life, I’m going to be bored with myself.

Although I love writing down my thoughts and adventures, I love poetry. Ever since I was a little girl. I have multiple journals (cause you can never have enough journals amiright?) half filled with little love poems and silly songs I wrote from elementary school through middle school. I stopped the lyrics in high school because I realized I modeling everything after Hilary Duff. Who can blame me, her album Metamorphosis was gold for all pre-teens (judge me).

What I love about poetry is that there are no rules to it. Go ahead and argue with me on that but I will disagree with you until I die.

Sure, not every poem reads well the first time. Or the second. Or the third. Definitely not the fourth. Maybe the fifth. I’m kidding of course because poems are never really finished. There is always something you can change or perfect.

The “no rules” aspect of poetry is what gets me though. Because, that’s the point of creativity. There are no rules to where your creativity can go. Rules are thrown out the door. You can color outside the lines for this one.

Writing isn’t perfect. And if it is, it’s boring. Poetry should be fun and creative, weird and exciting. It’s an outpour of your brain and your heart. It’s a mesh of heart feelings and thoughts. So, it should reflect that.

That silly little poem I just wrote is an outlet for how I feel about school at the moment. And honestly, I felt much better after I wrote it.

One, because it was fun.

Two, because it was true.            Sorry, couldn’t help myself there 😛

But mostly because it was a little creative challenge.

(Can you rhyme a little? Be a little witty?)

I made myself laugh and that’s what matters. It’s not a prize winning poem. It’s fun and I love it so that’s what matters.


The days that we put limits on ourselves are the days we feel the worst. Someone is going to think I’m super silly for even writing a poem like that because it has little value. But I refuse to limit myself because of what one person might think of what I write or what I do.

You were created without limits by a limitless God. I believe that He so loves when our hearts chose to be bold where our creativity lies. He gave you talent and creativity for a reason. You have a voice. You have an interesting life. Write about. Draw it. Talk about it; whatever it is your heart has been telling you to do with it! defines limit as “an inability to think imaginatively or independently.” A limit is a wall you set up and tell yourself you can can’t cross. That wall could be anywhere in your life blocking you from a number of things. That wall can disable your ability to think “imaginatively or independently” because the limit requires you to stay within the confines of comfort. 

I won’t write because I have nothing important to say. No one cares. 

I’ve always been this so I will always be this way. 

I won’t ever do anything different because I’m not______.

We all have some line like this that floats around in our head from time to time. We allow lies like these to limit what God can do in us. We are our own limits.

“For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love, and self-discipline.”

You have been given a Spirit of power, not timidity.

Your heart is meant for boldness and bravery.

You were created without limits by a limitless God. So, live like it.


(This is my favorite poem I’ve written. Enjoy!)

Waffles are The Best Part of My Week


What does the Bible

mean to you?

Sponge Bob Square Pants

Listen, listen please.

You aren’t my teacher


I am still your leader!

You can’t tell me what to do,

Sponge Bob Square Pants

He gives us eternal life.


I like this one, I can do all

and I will follow him.

Where did you find that verse?

I farted.  Please, be quiet.

Sponge Bob Square Pants

I found it in the Bible!

Please, don’t use that word.

Will you make me an airplane?

Listen to the speaker.

I lied about my birthday, I wanted a prize.

Go tell the truth.


I love you more than the


No, wait!

I love you more than the stars.

You’re a silly goose.

Sponge Bob Square Pants

Your disobedience

makes me sad.

I will be a good boy.

You are a good boy,

keep your hands to yourself.


I was a good boy this week.


You are the best part of

my week.


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